Albert Hall

This large building is between Moorhouse station and the NRM turntable. It belongs to Ferrymead Park Co and has been out of use for some time. John Mackenzie has completed an engineering evaluation of the building and it is earthquake safe for public use. We have signed a lease with Ferrymead Park Co to use the building as a display area pending further progress on other buildings.
The Roundhouse Newsletter – March 2020
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Being adjacent to our site and visually seen from the CRS site it will be a good display area for the NRM. Tentative display plans are under consideration and the interior is being cleared and cleaned. Exterior work has already started with the unsafe veranda being removed and that part of the site made safe and tidy.
We will need the assistance of a good carpenter with the internal work on this project. Let us know if you can help.

The verandah and deck has been removed from the side of Albert Hall

The interior of Albert Hall with preparations beginning for working from there.