The Mount Somers Tramway 1887 – 1943

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ISBN: 9780473131586
Authors: Maffey, R.D. & I.D.

A new and expanded edition
First published 1971, this edition 2008.

The Mount Somers Tramway was conceived in a period of time when the motorcar was unknown, good roads were scarce and railways as a form of mechanical transport had the field largely to themselves.  The pages within tell the story of its unspectacular rise and fall, a story closely integrated for fifty years with the course of local history.  The tramway reflects the initiative, enterprise and determination of its promoters to reduce the cost of conveying the mineral wealth from the Ashburton Gorge, an area of great geological interest – to the Mount Somers railway station for trans-shipment to Ashburton and beyond.

200 pages, soft laminated cover. Over 180 colour and monochrome photographs and graphics.